Cremation Questions

Why Use "A Simple Cremation"

As stated by our name we offer the convenience and low cost of “A Simple Cremation”.  At the time of the loss of a loved one there are many decisions to be made coupled with the emotional and financial burden. Our goal is to help alleviate some of these burdens by offering a simple yet dignified solution to the decision of disposition of the body.  Our pledge to you is to make these decisions not only simple but offer a low-cost alternative to ease your burdens at such a difficult and stressful time.

How are we different from a traditional funeral home? 

We are a Licensed Crematory in the State of North Carolina. We have no large facilities, extensive staffing, or a fleet of expensive vehicles you would see in a traditional Funeral Establishment.  Hence, we can offer a lower cost for our services, since we do not have the overhead borne by a traditional Funeral Establishment.  As a tradeoff however, we also are limited in the services we provide. We cannot arrange for memorial or funeral services, we do not presently sell merchandise such as urns or keepsakes, and we do not arrange for public obituary notices or certified copies of the Death Certificate (we will, however, provide you with instructions on how to obtain Certified Death Certificates and place a newspaper-based obituary).  We will also come to your home to conduct an arrangement conference and to secure the necessary documentation making it more convenient for you.

What do I need to provide for cremation? 

Our trained Cremation Specialist will be sitting down with you either at our office at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Candler or in the privacy and convenience of your home.  At that time, we will collect the information needed for the Death Certificate, an online obituary, and secure the necessary signatures for the Cremation Authorization.  We will also be asking for a recent photograph for positive identification which is required before the cremation can take place.  Under the most exceptional cases, we may also ask that a family member make a positive identification if there are any questions or if a picture is not available.

What forms of payment are acceptable? 

In order to keep our costs as low as possible, we ask that payment be made at the time of the arrangements and before the cremation takes place.  We accept cash, major credit cards, and checks.  At this time, we are not prepared to accept insurance policies due to the length of time involved in filing and receiving these proceeds.

Do you offer a Military/Veteran's discount. 

Yes, to honor those who have served our country honorably and continue to secure the freedoms we enjoy, we are pleased to offer an active duty/veteran discount of $100.00. We will also secure a US Flag to be issued to the next of kin.  In order for us to process this request however, we need proof through a DD Form 214 or active duty Military ID.  The discount is only available to the service member. .

What if I want a memorial service or more extensive services that A Simple Cremation cannot offer? 

Fortunately, we are associated with a traditional funeral establishment, Moore Funeral Home at Forest Lawn.  If during our arrangement conference, we determine that you require the services that we cannot perform, we will refer you to the Funeral Service Specialist at the funeral home and transfer your loved one in to their care.

What does your fee of $895.00 provide? 

Our services provide for the removal of your loved one to our facility, refrigeration of the remains for 72 hours, administrative services related to filing of the Death Certificate, securing a Medical Examiners release (if applicable), and arrangement conference with our Crematory Manager, the securing of the Cremation Authorization, the cremation process, and the return of the cremated remains to the responsible family member in a simple utility urn

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